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Strategic Commercial Real Estate

Brokerage • Analysis • Research

People and businesses approach a commercial real estate broker when they want to buy, sell, or lease a piece of business or investment property. But which questions to ask if you are not sure which to do? Strategic Commercial Real Estate provides the experience, education, and capability to serve as an independent, unbiased consultant that can not only help answer questions, but help you determine which questions to ask. We take the time to understand your business, your market, and your overall company goals to ensure your real estate is working for you as an integrated part of the fabric of your business and investments.

Strategic Commercial Real Estate excels at traditional commercial real estate brokerage. However, we also provide services that bridge the gap of other professionals to become a key component of a collaborative team; finding the best solutions to your real estate issues. Often, businesses and individuals own real estate, but don't have a real estate department. Finding a professional that understands the realities of the dynamic real estate market, comprehends the financial and tax implications, and fully explores the specific circumstances to comprehensively analyze a situation is crucial to any commercial real estate strategy.

Strategic Commercial Real Estate can function as your real estate advisor or department by understanding your goals and researching and analyzing the existing financial and market conditions to create a tactical, comprehensive plan. The customized formula will ensure that the performance of real estate works to accomplish the overall goals of the company or individual.

Strategic Commercial Real Estate provides traditional brokerage services, consulting, research, and analysis. Any one or combination of services can be used to customize a package services that would provide the strategy to suit your situation.