A thorough analysis of existing circumstances and goals is necessary to create a detailed strategy. Analysis is at the heart of every assignment. From a Tenant Representation assignment to a complete Portfolio Realignment, comprehensive thought is given to all of the existing dynamics and related implications providing a map of possibilities.

Some Examples

Highest and Best Use - What type of use would hold the highest value in a property? What would need to be done in order for the property to be utilized in that use? Is it appropriately zoned? Would construction or other preparation be required?

Lease or Purchase - Is it more advantageous for a company to Lease or Purchase property? How long does the company plan to stay in the location? What is the growth/expansion plans for the coming years? Is expansion best accomplished in a single location or creating an additional site? What are the capital resources of the company? Are the company's goals aimed towards maximum expenses or asset/value appreciation? What type of entity is the company?

Location Strategy - An existing bank/retail operation wants to have locations to service all of their identified demographics within a market. How do their existing locations meet their goals? What additional locations would help them meet their goals, if necessary? Are there excess properties that are not needed?

Real Estate Portfolio Realignment - A non-real estate company has owned various types of real estate across the Southeast for the operation of its business. They own and lease retail, office, and warehouse locations in 5 states. What is the best course of action for them to extract capital, while maintaining the best locations for the 5 functions of their business?